Hi, I’m Harish Hegde. A small and medium business coach.

Why work with me?

You are probably stuck.

Companies that become clients come to me saying:
▪ We have trouble attracting new prospects.
▪ Sales are down and we’re not sure why.
▪ We don’t appear to be competitive.
▪ We’re stuck and can’t figure out how to move forward.
▪ We can’t attract good staff.
▪ We do not get proper advice for tax planning.
▪ We have problems with tax compliances.
▪ I have to be involved in everything.
▪ I cannot go on holiday. I am stuck full-time in the business.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

– Jesse Doe


A keen planner having over 34 years of rich experience in spearheading Business operations with key focus on profitability by ensuring optimal utilization of resources.


Results-oriented Business Professional with a Sales, Marketing, and Operations background and experience in managing Companies, Brands, and People.

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